6 Reasons to Start Selling Private Label Health Supplements

Customers today crave one thing above all, and that’s personalization. In every sense of the word, patients are the valued customers of your clinic, as you aim to provide them with the highest level of care to treat and nurture their health. In turn, businesses and health practices should cherish their patients’ loyalty by consistently stepping up their services and offerings. If you’ve ever thought about fresh ways to improve your practice, private label supplements are a high-quality, customized health solution that could do wonders for your revenue and patient trust.

What Are Private Label Health Supplements?

Private label pharmaceutical manufacturers help healthcare providers manufacture a certain type of supplement that is then sold under their branding and label. Unlike with white labeling, the healthcare provider is a lot more involved in selecting the formulation part of the process. While they won’t be able to completely tailor the formula to their liking, like in custom formulation scenarios, they will receive an exclusive product that won’t be sold anywhere else. [1] Whether it’s herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, or another supplement blend, a medical practice may have specific needs and wants that certain manufacturers can cater to. They present a unique opportunity when it comes to product offerings in a clinic and come with an incredible wealth of benefits.

So, what sort of reasons are there to start selling private label supplements?

Reason #1: Extra Stream of Revenue

Rather than directing your patients to external product providers or supplement stores, your patients can purchase the exact supplements they need directly from your practice. This effectively shortens the supply chain and displaces that revenue from others back into your own clinic. This new stream of income can help offset the costs of running your business, help you expand your services in the future, and let you offer higher-quality care that your patients will appreciate.

Reason #2: Strengthen Your Brand

There’s nothing more powerful than introducing an in-house, self-endorsed product that is marketed under your brand. Having these supplements available in your clinic and perhaps even in an ecommerce store can reinforce your reputation and encourage patients to look to your practice as a holistic health solution. They’re not only able to book appointments with health professionals but also access safe and reputable products they require. In turn, they’re more likely to stay loyal and continue to build upon this well-established relationship.

Reason #3: Tailor Your Offerings

While you won’t be able to perfectly tailor your supplement even with the best private label supplement manufacturers, you can certainly select the perfect match among a wide array of products. Being able to handpick supplements that align most with your specific patient group’s health concerns is extremely valuable in itself. Perhaps you’re noticing a large sample size of patients who could benefit from calcium and vitamin D supplements for bone support, or maybe there’s a genuine need for IV therapy supplements for hydration purposes. Having this selection process lets you curate a product line that is most relevant to your practice.

Reason #4: Boost Patient Compliance

It can be difficult to maintain a tight-knit one-on-one relationship with each of your patients, especially if you run a large practice. As you can’t necessarily go through your patient list and check up on them all the time, another great way to enhance compliance with treatment plans is by selling private label supplements directly from your clinic. There are plenty of barriers you eliminate just from doing this alone – there’s no need for an extra stop on the way home for patients, confusion when it comes to which supplement to buy, or skepticism about other providers. The inherent convenience of oral supplements and IVs available through your clinic has been proven to enhance adherence. [2]

Reason #5: Match Your Quality Standards

In healthcare, quality products and quality care can’t be compensated for. It makes up the inherent fabric of your practice’s reputation and integrity, and you want patients to enjoy a smooth and excellent experience at your clinic. Promoting supplements that you have personally endorsed and vetted means your patients can receive top-of-the-line products. It also means you can personally select private label supplement manufacturers that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices and boast transparent ingredient sourcing, so you know exactly what’s in these supplements.

Reason #6: Stronger Patient-Physician Relationship

Patient trust can take a long time to build and intentional efforts to deepen. Supplying private label supplements is a meaningful way to show that commitment, as it manifests as an added layer of personalized care. Investing in your patients’ well-being shows them that they’re a priority in your practice and that you’ve provided these products specifically for their benefit. There’s that sense of continuity in care where every aspect – not just like the appointments and necessary services – is thoughtfully considered.

Choose In-House Health Solutions to Elevate Your Practice

The heart and soul of healthcare is dedication to your patients. Go the extra mile, however, and you set yourself apart from the many providers out there. Adding an in-house health solution, like private label supplements, shows that your care extends beyond your clinic walls.

If you’re ready to improve your patient care, Legere Pharmaceuticals is your best bet. Our company has been a trusted provider of IV therapy supplements and private label supplements for 45 years. We work with healthcare providers to offer superior grade pharmaceutical products relating to digestive health, dermatology, immune support, weight management, and more, designed for your practice and patients. And we take our personalized solutions seriously, ensuring the highest standards in safety and conducting rigorous testing for purity and potency at all times.

Taylor Froiland is the president of Legere Pharmaceuticals in Scottsdale, Arizona and serves on the Board of Directors for RK Logistics Group. He also owns and operates Medmetrics Compounding Pharmacy in Chandler, Arizona, specializing in various pharmaceutical services. Taylor holds a PharmD and has expertise in compounding, medicinal chemistry, and quality control.
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