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BOOST your practice'S revenue. 

How It Works

Add Legere Pharmaceuticals to your practice, and increase your revenue. 

Legere specializes in time-tested pharmaceuticals with a high safety profile and rigorous testing to ensure purity and potency. Our private labeled supplements enhance your treatment protocols, and give patients an alternative or boost to their treatment plan. 

Get Started – It’s Easy and Cost-Effective.
Start your plan to increase practice revenue by consulting with Legere, and selecting the supplements that fit your patients’ needs.
While other pharmaceutical companies require large orders that take time to manufacture and receive, Legere has low minimum order requirements and a fast turnaround and delivery time. Your practice can start measuring the positive impact on your business and patient results almost immediately.
Minimal Investment and Risk.
Start at a pace that works for your practice. Order as few as 24 bottles at a time, or more as your practice requires. There’s no set-up fee. You can use your practice name, logo, and brand on bottles – or choose from our gallery of templates for practice specialties and styles.
We Provide Marketing Support.
We partner with you to create your supplement brand and unique selling proposition. We’ll help define your target market and the marketing campaigns that reach your patients. We take care of label design and printing so that you can focus on patient care.

Enhanced Patient

Offering private labeled supplements and nutraceuticals allows you to provide personalized solutions to your patients, ensuring they receive high-quality products tailored to their needs.

Increased Patient

Providing private labeled supplements helps build trust with patients when they see results from pharmaceuticals designed to support their health and wellness.

Additional Revenue Stream

Private labeled supplements can serve as an additional revenue stream for your practice, and contribute significantly to business growth.

Available Products

What Products Can be Private Labeled?


Immune and Stress Support

Find balance in the chaos of life with formulations that bolster the body’s defenses in times of stress and support resilience.

Digestive Health

Promote a balanced gut, enhancing overall wellness and digestive harmony.

Hormone Replacement

Experience vitality with tailored solutions, harmonizing your body’s rhythms for a rejuvenated life.



See radiant skin with advanced treatments that support and maintain a glowing complexion.

Vitamins and Minerals

Elevate wellness with essential nutrients, crafted for your radiant health and vitality.


Weight Management

Efficient weight management solutions tailored for health, wellbeing, and results.

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