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For 45 years, we’ve pioneered private label supplements and injectables for physicians and clinics interested in dispensing unique formulas for weight loss and wellness.

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Products that Support Patient Care

Practice Branded Solutions

Nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals designed to enhance your patients' health and well-being while increasing practice revenue and recognition.

Supplements, IV Therapy, 503B Injectables

Trusted Formulations

High-quality, rigorously-tested, pharmaceutical-grade products trusted by doctors and patients, from the pioneer in medicinal, nutritional, and wellness supplements for licensed physicians.

Practice Growth

Complete Marketing Support

Marketing experts help define your unique brand, target market, and effective campaigns that attract patients and grow your practice.

Trusted by XXK Doctors

Doctors and healthcare practices count on Legere Pharmaceuticals to provide pharmaceutical-grade products that support patient wellness goals.  

XXK 5-Star Patient Reviews

Patients say they see enhanced results using Legere Pharmaceuticals, as recommended by their doctor or healthcare provider.

XX% of Healthcare Providers

That partner with Legere Pharmaceuticals say patient loyalty has increased with the sale of practice-branded supplements and injectables.

Yx Revenue Growth

Experienced by practices 6 months after partnering with Legere Pharmaceuticals.

Innovative, Customized Formulations

Enhanced Patient Results

Legere Pharmaceuticals will enhance your treatment protocols and give patients an alternative or boost to traditional treatments. Known for product purity and safety, doctors choose Legere products to build business visibility, encourage return visits, and increase revenue.

Private-label, Practice-branded Solutions

Increase Patient Engagement And Loyalty

Build patient engagement and confidence with safe and effective pharmaceuticals that highlight your practice brand and mission. Legere partners with you at every step of the process.

503B Compounding Pharmacy

Superior Grade


Immune and Stress Support​

Find balance in the chaos of life with formulations that bolster the body’s defenses in times of stress and support resilience.

Digestive Health

Promote a balanced gut, enhancing overall wellness and digestive harmony.

Hormone Replacement

Experience vitality with tailored solutions, harmonizing your body’s rhythms for a rejuvenated life.



See radiant skin with advanced treatments that support and maintain a glowing complexion. 

Vitamins and Minerals

Elevate wellness with essential nutrients, crafted for your radiant health and vitality.


Weight Management

Efficient weight management solutions tailored for health, wellbeing, and results.

Why Legere?

We're A Trusted Partner To Practices For 45 Years

Physicians and patients count on Legere Pharmaceuticals to deliver the most innovative, natural, and effective pharmaceutical-grade supplements for weight management, wellness, and vitality. We work directly with leading physicians in nutrition and healthcare to develop our results-driven formulations. 


“We have had the pleasure of being with Legere Pharmaceuticals since we started our business Revitalize Health & Wellness, a little over a year now. Legere has always been fast, efficient, & helpful! The Legere team has truly grown along with us. We always know when we reach out to Marta that we will have quick and detailed answers as we plan every step of our business growth. Highly recommend!”

- Hector

“Legere Pharma is very dear to my heart.  I have done business with them for many years.  Their products are the best, the customer service is amazing.  I have choices but I choose them.  I am a business woman and loyalty means everything to me.  They will be a part of my life for a very long time.  Thank you for all you have done for my medical weight loss, I appreciate y’all so very much.”

- Daisy, C.E.O.

“I wanted to thank you for the continued high quality of your products. Since I first started prescribing your supplements over twelve years ago, the market has been inundated with “natural” products. It can be quite overwhelming to try and decipher some of the promo-speak that accompanies these products.

I have been extremely satisfied with the results I have obtained for my patients and family with your products… So for all my patients, friends, and family, I thank you and hope you keep up the high standards I have come to expect!”

- Dr. Coville, D.V.M.
“It’s our pleasure to be conducting business with Legere Pharmacy for many different reasons.
First of all not only do we have the pleasure of speaking with you Rochelle. Your personality shines, comes thru the phone as if I’ve known you for decades. You’re never too busy to explain or provide any information requested of you. Consider it done asap!! Love it!
Shipments are quick, on time and never shorted or damaged. Your Pharmacy produces high quality supplements & MIC Lipostat Plus injectable and soon look forward to receiving Semaglutide!!!
Thank you and your company for many years of great service!
Happy all around!
- Vivian Broeski, Heydari's Health Center
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