3 Reasons to Offer IV Vitamin Therapy in your Private Practice

The intravenous delivery of essential nutrients and vitamins has become a very popular method of achieving and maintaining great health.

If you are a private practice practitioner, there are many reasons to start offering iv vitamin therapy:

– Keep Patients Healthy & Happy

Whether you are offering a simple B12 shot or a complex nutrient cocktail (maybe a Myer’s cocktail) – iv vitamin therapy is one of the best way to deliver critical vitamins and nutrients to your body, helping to restore hydration, boost immunity, improve metabolic health, and make you feel great!

A US national survey, NHANES 2007-2010, which surveyed 16,444 individuals four years and older, reported a high prevalence of inadequacies for multiple micronutrients. Specifically, 94.3% of the US population do not meet the daily requirement for vitamin D, 88.5% for vitamin E, 52.2% for magnesium, 44.1% for calcium, 43.0% for vitamin A, and 38.9% for vitamin C” (Oregon State, 2017).

IV vitamin therapy injections get these vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the barriers of the digestive system, ensuring the highest bio-availability. In addition to the underlying health benefits, getting an IV makes a patient feel good – both because it can provide a boost of energy & because it is a tangible activity doing something good for themselves. Read more about the health benefits of IV therapy here: https://www.legerepharm.com/blog/what-is-iv-therapy/

– Get More Patients

Patients are looking for providers that offer iv vitamin therapy. The popularity of these treatments has resulted in searches for iv therapy growing by more than 200% in the past 5 years (google trends).

Just including iv therapy in your list of services will attract new patients, encourage more patient referrals, and even give you a boost to your local search engine optimization – making it easier for those patients to find you.

– Earn More Revenue

For most medical practices the two simple ways to increase revenue are either 1. sell more services to your existing patients or 2. sell your existing services to more patients.

By adding IV vitamin therapy you will be able to do both! Your current patients will be happy to take advantage of your new IV service and the new patients it attracts will start utilizing the other services you are already offering.

Who Can Offer IV Vitamin Therapy?

Some states will allow many different types of medical professionals to perform iv therapy, including PAs, NPs, RNs, acupuncturists, & chiropractors. However, You will need to check with your local state boards to see if your license allows for you to administer iv vitamin therapy in your office. For nurses, a good place to start would be to visit the AANP’s website https://www.aanp.org/advocacy/state/state-practice-environment.

Oregon State University. 2017. “Micronutrient Inadequacies in the US Population: an Overview”. Retrieved from: https://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/micronutrient-inadequacies/overview

Taylor Froiland is the president of Legere Pharmaceuticals in Scottsdale, Arizona and serves on the Board of Directors for RK Logistics Group. He also owns and operates Medmetrics Compounding Pharmacy in Chandler, Arizona, specializing in various pharmaceutical services. Taylor holds a PharmD and has expertise in compounding, medicinal chemistry, and quality control.
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