Cholesterol Support

Bergamonte® Citrus Bergamot Fruit Extract & MenaQ7® Vitamin K2


Patented & Clinically Proven Ingredients:

Bergamonte® Citrus Bergamot Fruit Extract: Contains bioactive compounds of Citrus bergamia Risso which has polypheniolic flavanoids clinically proven to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, & healthy blood glucose levels, increase HDL-cholesterol (good cholesterol), and promote weight management.A 2011 study found that oral doses of Bergamot Fruit Extract reduces total and LDL cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, and blood glucose.

MenaQ7® Vitamin K2: A superior form of vitamin K which has been clinically proven to support cardiovascular health by inhibiting calcium deposits in the arteries and blood vessels. Healthy arterial tissues have been shown to contain 100 times more vitamin K2 than unhealthy arteries.
Studies have shown that high dietary intake of vitamin K2 has a strong protective effect on cardiovascular health by inhibiting production of proteins which normally have a negative effect on cholesterol and inflammation.


Name Amount
Bergamonte® Citrus Bergamot Fruit Extract
MenaQ7® Vitamin K2

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