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Category: Weight Management

Product No. 7017
Size: 7 One-A-Day Packets.

Each unit dose packet contains:
ProbeseTM : 3 capsules
DiucapsTM: 1 capsule
Cal-MagTM: 1 tablet
Super Energy: 1 tablet


Long-term success at weight management requires identifying the causes of unwanted weight gain and then adopting the dietary, behavioral, and exercise habits, which can correct these metabolic faults and prevent their return. Experience has shown there is a greater rate of success and a lower rate of recidivism when patients have adequate contact with and support from health care professionals during the period of weight loss rather than merely a prescription for one or more diet aids.

The Prothin 7-One-A-Day Program™ is designed to help overcome the challenges of a weight management program. With any new weight loss effort, changes in mood, energy, and hunger may arise from your body adjusting to the dietary stress and nutrient changes associated with your program. This adjustment period may present some challenges as the body, at a cellular level, communicates to the brain to Quit...Go Back...Don’t Change! This seemingly simple communication between your cells and your brain can wreak havoc on your mental focus, determination, commitment, compliance, and ultimately your success. PROTHIN is designed to help you overcome these potentially program breaking obstacles.

The Prothin 7-One-A-Day Program™ packets represent a synergistic blend of nutrients and herbs. These packets are designed to aid in correcting the metabolic faults, which are typical of obesity. (For a full listing of ingredients see each product description). The formula reduces hunger and food cravings by improving the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats to increase feelings of energy and well-being. The formula makes patient compliance with the hypocaloric diet easy to achieve.

The Prothin 7-One-A-Day Program™ packets supply potassium and magnesium plus associated nutrients to help improve this metabolic response. Chromium has been included to improve insulin response. Vitamin C, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, and L-phenylalanine are included to provide the nutritional substrates for thyroid and adrenal hormones. L-phenylalanine also serves as an appetite suppressant and serotonin enhancer. Bulking and energizing ingredients are included to speed up sluggish metabolisms and create the feeling of satiety at meals.


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