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Category: Digestive Health

Product No. 1064
Ingredients: Each three tablets contain:  Papain - 150 mg, Diastase - 150 mg, Pancreatin (8x)- 75 mg,  Pepsin (1:1000) - 67 mg, Betaine Hydrochlorise - 30 mg, Bromelain - 30 mg, Glutamic Acid Hydrochloride - 30 mg, and Amylase - 15 mg

Prevenzyme™ is a special formulation of 8 natural digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes break down ingested food into vital proteins, fats and carbohydrates to provide nutrition and building blocks for the body. With aging and illness, the body's digestive functions deteriote, leading to gas, bloating, partialy digested food, nutrtional deficiencies and inflammatory conditions. Prevenzyme™ helps supplement these important enzymes that play a vital role in digestive health.

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